The act of making is a release, a form of expression, a way to feel something without using words. Sometimes I get bogged down with what to make and usually I procrastinate too much and end up gardening instead, but growing is a form of creation also.

I have always been fascinated by Jewellery. I have memories of childhood trips to museums gazing in wonder through dimly lit vitrines at precious Egyptian artefacts and tribal body adornment. One of my favourite places to explore is The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford where the cases and cases of glass trade beads, bone, seeds and precious stones tell countless stories about culture, social status and the creative skills and materials of diverse peoples. At a young age I would love to rifle through my Mum's jewellery box in awe of the treasures to be found there. I would see her on stage singing in bands wearing beautiful jewellery that I saw as objects of expression, creativity and her individuality. Making jewellery for me was part of an organic, unconscious process that came out of experimenting with Paper clay. As I continue to experiment with materials and surface treatments these jewellery pieces have become my objects of expression.

I also like to experiment with printing techniques such as monoprinting with rollers and inks through stencils, building up layers of texture by collaging found papers and painting on top of them. Sometimes I make these into books, sometimes I give them as birthday or Christmas cards, sometimes I sell them when I've made enough or when I don't mind letting go of them.

I experiment with natural dyes and and silk fibres, using plants to make direct contact prints with a technique called 'Hape Zome' a Japanese word meaning'Leaf print'. The natural world is a huge resource and inspiration that I am constantly in awe of.

Part of the time I work with people and plants. I enable people to play, learn or reconnect to a sense of self through being in the great outdoors. Climbing trees, growing food, cooking on a fire, coppicing a woodland or making land art, clay objects, leaf prints, plant dyes......or at its simplest and sometimes most powerful... walking through a wild flower meadow or woodland and just listening.....


Some of my work is available to buy via my Etsy shop, click on the link above or contact me to chat about a project or commissioned piece or a workshop you might be interested in.